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Virginia Axline Play Therapy Center

The Play Room

The Play Room can be any room furnished with a variety of toys neatly set up for children to freely select what they would like to play with.

The Play Room can be a specialized room in a private practice, a hospital, a school, or other family center facility. 

The selection of Toys are typically meant for expressive play. Dr. Axline originally spoke against "mechanical toys" as they were not conducive for imaginary play.


A Typical Play Therapy Room

Another Play Therapy Room with a Full CCPT Session

Portable Play

When a specialized room is unavailable, you can turn any room into a play therapy room. Dr. Axline frequently would bring a suitcase of toys to locations that did not have a play therapy room. 

Now, in addition to a suitcase, new options are available including full Play Therapy Kits.


A Premium Sand Tray Play Therapy Kit

For more Kits, visit our Resources Page

Some Suggested Toys to Have in a Play Therapy Room and BONUS Some Key Responses When Practicing CCPT

Axline, V. (1947). Play Therapy. New York: Ballantine Books.

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