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for School Events

Anthony is passionate about a few things. His family, magic, and the development and education of children. I guess that is why Dr. Anthony earned his doctorate in child counseling psychology. During the week days, Anthony works as a School Psychologist. During Evenings and Weekends he puts on his magic hat (figuratively) and brings magic to family events and Schools!

In addition to "Honest Deception," Anthony has also partnered with schools to create multiple themed events based on the school's needs.

Anthony has performed shows that fit a theme, for Elementary School Theme Days.

Anthony has performed shows that carry a message such as, following your dreams, being kind to others, and respect, for School Assemblies.

Anthony has performed shows that include educational components about Social Emotional Skills, Mental Health, and other Core-Subjects
(examples: Math is Magic Show, Magic of the Rainbow)

Honest Deception

"Honest Deception" is a stage show that is perfect for any school function! 

This is a magic show with captivating magic effects and some ‘comedy” suited for children, teens, and adults. The show opens and closes with fast paced magic set to music. The middle of the show gets the audience involved in the wonder up close and on stage with some comedic moments along the way. This show is an hour packed with amazing magic. There are no tricks, no optical illusions, there is only pure magic. Anthony hand selected each piece of the show to allow the audience to use their imagination without focusing on being fooled or deceived. Deception is the vehicle, the entertainment is the destination. Honestly, this is more than a show, this is an experience that you’ll remember.

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