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for Family Events

The Family Magic Show

Anthony's Family Show is a three part magic experience that is perfect for the whole family. Anthony helps add the magic to any event:
Birthday parties, Communions, Halloween parties, Holiday parties, Family Reunions and more!

When you have a child celebrating their special day, they become the star of the show! With Anthony's help they make the magic happen, and receive special magical gifts.

Regardless of the event your family will love this show!

The Half Hour Family Magic Show:
This is a great choice for any family event. This is an entertainment experience for everyone ages 4 to 104, if you are 105, you will HATE it. There is magic crafted for children and adults! Unlike some magic shows, this show is NOT geared just to children. It is delivered in a manner for children to understand; however, the magic performed is at a level meant to entertain all ages.
Like most magic, children 3 and under might not understand every trick or may not sit through the full half hour. 

The one downside of the show is that clients have stated that they had so much fun they wished they went for the Forty-Five Minute option...

The Forty-Five Minute Family Magic Show:
This is the extended version of the Half-Hour Family Show. The magic experience is entertaining and lively! There is no question that it holds attention for the full forty-five minutes. Children as young as 4 have been mesmerized for the full length of the show, sitting, watching attentively, enjoying the magic and upbeat music.
This is a great option if your event has the right amount of time to dedicate to this longer performance.
This show is timed at forty-five minutes... but sometimes we have so much fun it might go a little longer than 45 minutes... oops.


A Halloween Magic Show

Tricks and Treats is a seasonal extravaganza for the whole family. Get in the “spirit” of Halloween with this Spooky, not Scary, Magic Show! In this show, you don't have to choose! Anthony promises great tricks and treats! During the show Anthony attempts to catch a ghost, meets a mummy, dances with the Boogie Man, and finds more candy than he could eat alone... Costumes are optional, smiles are mandatory.

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