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The Parlor Show

What is Parlor Magic? Parlor Magic is a fancy way to say magic that is up close, performed on little to no stage, and everything is at your fingertips. This is a great choice for adult birthday parties, graduations, anniversaries, celebrations, or a Friday night with friends and a few drinks! Unlike the other show options, this one is up-close and intimate. Your guests will sit around as Anthony performs just a few feet away from you. Forty-five minutes filled with interactive comedy, game show style challenges, and magic that is fueled by your guests. This show is for people who like to have fun! ​

WARNING: The potential for embarrassing pictures is high. Let's be real... You're going to do some peculiar stuff. Smartphones have cameras. Are you willing to risk it to have some fun?

A second option for your next adult only event. This Parlor Show is titled Organic Magic. This show is unique and the strangest part is Anthony has never performed it before. That is because each time this "show" is performed, it is different.
Organic refers to the fact that the props used are everyday normal items. Typically, a magician uses props or items that they have brought to you. In this show, you supply the props, and Anthony will make them magic. Anthony will provide you with a list of items for you to ask your guests to bring or for you to provide. Everyday items including: fruit, clothing, pens, cards, hundred dollar bills, etc.  The show is a structured forty-five minutes and has a clear beginning and end, what happens between that, is up to you. This is a fun option to bring to your event and is more of a magic experience than a magic show.

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