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The Stage Show

Anthony's pride and joy! The Stage Show is a full production with lights, music, and magic! Anthony has been a performer in large productions, such as Magic on Main at the Darress Theater in Boonton, New Jersey, and other multi-magician shows around New Jersey. Anthony has also been featured as the finale in local productions, as well as, written and performed one man shows, "Honest Deception" and "Tricks and Treats! A Halloween Magic Show." You can learn about these shows below. Have something different in mind? Contact Anthony and together craft the stage show that is right for your venue!

Honest Deception

Honest Deception is a magic show with captivating magic effects and some ‘comedy” suited for adults and children. The show opens and closes with fast paced magic set to music. The middle of the show gets the audience involved in the wonder up close and on stage with some comedic moments along the way. This show is an hour packed with amazing magic. There are no tricks, no optical illusions, there is only pure magic. Anthony hand selected each piece of the show to allow the audience to use their imagination without focusing on being fooled or deceived. Deception is the vehicle, the entertainment is the destination. Honestly, this is more than a show, this is an experience that you’ll remember.

To book Anthony for a stage show, all you need is a stage! If you or a local theater, library, or school is looking for a big time famous TV magician, I will call David Copperfield for you! If you are looking for an amazing show that you will never forget, Contact Me, and we can start making all of the arrangements to bring A Stage Show to Your Stage!


A Halloween Magic Show

Tricks and Treats is a seasonal extravaganza for the whole family. Get in the “spirit” of Halloween with this Spooky, not Scary, Magic Show! In this show, you don't have to choose! Anthony promises great tricks and treats! During the show Anthony attempts to catch a ghost, meets a mummy, dances with the Boogie Man, and finds more candy than he could eat alone... Costumes are optional, smiles are mandatory.

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